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for Families & Family Enterprises

(*bringing it all together)


A hallmark of our work is to to view things from the inside-out and become crystal clear about your 'why' and what objectives and goals will fulfill your purpose,


We are specialists at aligning any group of people from where they are now to where they want to go. Skipping this step more times than not leads to failure.


An ever-changing environment requires Da Vinci's innovative problem-solving approach at every level of life and business.


We believe in developing growth plans for all forms of family wealth capital: Financial, Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, and Entrepreneurial.


We are experts in elevating human, family, and team performance

to produce superior financial and non-financial outcomes.


We seek to make a profound impact on the lives and businesses we serve. To take you to an entirely different level that unlocks your full potential.


From governance to culture to leadership to teamwork, and meetings, we help you build an agile framework for your unique family and company to thrive,  


Touching 1 part of a system impacts the entire system. That's why we take a systems approach to problem-solving. Not doing so can cause more harm than good.


We are your advocates, focused on serving your best interests in all matters. We 'have your back' in areas you don't have experience or expertise


Da Vinci has a multi-disciplinary bench of seasoned professionals along with a network of other exceptional resources to meet almost any need that arises. 


In a world of exponential change and complexity, Da Vinci's collaborative methodology is, we believe, the only way to achieve and sustain

 successful outcomes


We provide high-level,

ongoing coordination, so everyone is rowing in the same direction. Otherwise, waste, confusion, and chaos rule the day.


A hallmark of any professional is that they make what they do look easy. We work hard to free you to focus on

what you do best and to enjoy the fruit of your success.


We believe in Reagan's motto, "Trust, but verify." We provide you with the ability to maintain control without the corresponding complexity and time-consuming effort

Get Things Done

Our focus is on getting things completely done and to be sure there are no loose ends. Only 1-in-3 projects are successful partially because of a lack of follow-through. That's unacceptable.


We realize to deliver maximum value, the outcomes we achieve must be sustainable. Unfortunately, sustaining beneficial results is the exception rather than the rule. Not with Da Vinci.


We specialize in enhancing and reconciling personal and business relationships. Strong relationships are the cornerstone for achieving and enjoying success.


Done right, passing on one's life's lessons, wisdom, and work to future generations is a noble endeavor that celebrates a life well lived while positively impacting your heirs and community.

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