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Max Bolka

Sr. Consultant | Victoria, BC

Advisory Practice Performance Enhancement



Max Bolka is a 30+ year veteran of the financial services industry. He developed and served a nationwide planning and investment clientele. Today, Max “Builds First-Class Financial Advisors” of all kinds through his dynamic speaking, insightful writing, and comprehensive business development mentoring program.

Early in his financial career, Max realized that money cuts across all areas of life. He started becoming more involved with his clients, and later with other financial advisors, counseling them about such diverse matters as goal setting; finding one’s passion, purpose and meaning in life; business and strategic planning; career planning; developing personal and professional relationships; effective communication; all aspects of sales and marketing; time and stress management; systematizing one’s business, and how to build long lasting wealth.

Max is married and splits their time between Asheville, Phoenix & Victoria, BC.

Max Bolka
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